For Arizona to prosper in its second century, it needs a vision and a roadmap. These goals that describe the Arizona we want are firmly grounded in the beliefs and opinions of Arizona Citizens. Together they create a set of common goals to help guide our collective efforts.


  • By 2030, I will have addressed the significant imbalance between Colorado River supplies and demands as well as improved the resiliency of Colorado River supplies for CAP.
    Chuck Cullom
  • By 2030, I will invest to sustain a full-fledged Latino Cultural Center and inter-generational leadership within ALAC organization; to create a Legacy to promote & preserve Latino, Mexican, Chicano, Indigenous Arts and Culture for communities through educational/cultural programs.
    ErLinda C. Torres
  • I will reinforce AZ's diversity and pioneering spirit through the creation of innovative housing models for adults with autism and other special abilities, integrated into the fabric of supportive communities and further demonstrating the value and success of those who are differently abled.
    Denise D. Resnik
  • By 2030, I will create a platform to educate and train individuals to achieve their health, fitness, and wellness goals.
    Jacqueline Jensen
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How will you create a better future for Arizona?


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