• By 2030, I will be more involved in the community

    Roxanne Weaver

  • I will reinforce AZ's diversity and pioneering spirit through the creation of innovative housing models for adults with autism and other special abilities, integrated into the fabric of supportive communities and further demonstrating the value and success of those who are differently abled.

    Denise D. Resnik

  • By 2030, I will help develop over 100 student leaders in the community colleges! I will also help Parent's of Addicted Love Ones to offer over 50 meetings in Arizona to help parents who have a son or daughter who is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

    Fred Amador

  • By 2030, I will actively be participating in the Realtors Arizona Political Action Committee (RAPAC). This is a bipartisan PAC who vets candidates that are pro-business, support lower taxes, and have pro-growth positions on issues that affect the business of real estate in Arizona.

    Natalie Ackerly

  • By 2030, I will continue to work as a mental health advocate, writing and creating awareness. I also want to focus on prison reform, and work toward treatment for people with mental illness, not incarceration. I would like to form a network of people who are interested in the same cause.

    Pamela Field

  • By 2030, I will raise over $500,000 for educational initiatives. These will include increasing college access and preparedness for high-risk youth, healthcare education, and arts programming.

    Kristen Torres

  • By 2030, I will volunteer 300 hours registering new voters and on "get out the vote" campaigns.

    Richie Ressel

  • By 2030, I will continue to support the educational development of the crafts and trades in Arizona through state-certified apprenticeship programs.

    David W.

  • By 2030, I will help build on the success of 2030's Knowlege Share by promoting the Grant Network.org to Arizona's grant makers and nonprofits--so that more sustainable funding opportunities can be identified and awarded to deserving nonprofits.

    Julia Haleaka Young

  • By 2030, I will have addressed the significant imbalance between Colorado River supplies and demands as well as improved the resiliency of Colorado River supplies for CAP.

    Chuck Cullom

  • By 2030, I will empower a generation of community college students to become civically engaged.

    Vicky C.

  • By 2030, I will See My Hometown, My City, My Friends and Neighbours Thrive! I am Providing a Place where Kids can learn in an afterschool setting, for FREE, a STEM to STEAM Center in Glendale, AZ.

    Martin Wesolowski

  • By 2030, I will vote in every election; and support causes which will increase employment and preserve the environment.

    Sally Hills

  • By 2030, I will help develop and create a safe, successful, all-inclusive environment for my niece and nephew and their future children.

    Bron P. Sorenson

  • By 2030, I will be a mentor to a kid by taking the program new pathways for the youth offers.

    Telma Sanchez

  • By 2030, I will work for Arizona's economic prosperity by supporting policies, including quality primary, secondary and post-secondary education, that raise the quality of our labor force, build community and encourage a healthy business environment.

    Larry Edward Penley

  • By 2030, I will regularly volunteer with organizations and non-profits around the Phoenix Community.

    Samantha Brooks

  • By 2030, I will help promote education in Arizona

    Robert Laird

  • By 2030, I will find ways to help decrease the number of sex trafficking victims, especially those of Southeast Asian descent.

    Khonnie Silivongxay

  • By 2030, I will invest to sustain a full-fledged Latino Cultural Center and inter-generational leadership within ALAC organization; to create a Legacy to promote & preserve Latino, Mexican, Chicano, Indigenous Arts and Culture for communities through educational/cultural programs.

    ErLinda C. Torres

  • By 2030, I will make everything in my life important and here in San Carlos the life is a struggle. Starving poor people and dogs dying of thirst and hunger. I, Cayla D. am planning to put a stop to this and other Arizona issues!

    Cayla D

  • By 2030, I will be an established educator and public leader that will inspire and catalyze concrete changes to improve higher education and Latino/immigrant needs in Arizona so that all Arizonans, including our most disadvantaged, can succeed and make our state shine.

    German Cadenas

  • By 2030, I will do something that supports higher education.

    Denise Huynh

  • By 2030, I will be more kind.


  • By 2030, I will volunteer for a non-profit and do my part to make Arizona a state to be proud to live in.

    Laurie Nathanson

  • By 2030, I will leave a legacy of tolerance to my fellow human being regardless of race or sexual orientation.

    Darin DuMolin

  • By 2030, I will become more involved in my community  through volunteering and civic engagement.

    Heather P

  • By 2030, I will become a highly skilled and empowering educator and leader that will lead the children in my community to a more meaningful education, one that will take them to college and beyond.

    Lorenzo Garza

  • By 2030, I will unite private scholarship providers in Arizona to streamline application systems and create a one-stop application for all Arizona college students.

    Joyce Harper

  • By 2030, I will volunteer my time and expertise to help young people with reading, writing and arithmetic.

    Donna Micetic

  • By 2030, I will provide a positive impact on my daughter and other children in the community to make wise choices in their future whether it is in personal goals, educational goals, career choice goals, etc.

    Sarahi F

  • By 2030, I will continue to work, pay my taxes, help others, attend and serve in my church, and do my best.

    Stephen Badart

  • By 2030, I will become a foster parent.

    Kristie Leshinskie

  • By 2030, I will educate my children on the importance of voting. It is their right as American citizens to choose the government that represents them and how they represent them. I will allow them to think for themselves and to vote accordingly.

    Tanya Taylor

  • By 2030, I will become involved in the community more for non-profits and charities.  I pledge to commit 50 hours per year now through 2030 to help better Arizona.

    Nicole Phillips

  • By 2030, I will be an active member of the Phoenix, AZ community. I will make a difference in the quality of life for the senior population. It is important for me to assist seniors with health issues/care, shelter, food, animal therapy, etc.

    Michelle Arndt

  • By 2030, I will ensure my company is a leader in developing young leaders to soar and become effective citizens of Arizona.

    Will M

  • By 2030, I will learn more about school financing and play a larger role in the debate to support our public schools.

    Bridget M

  • By 2030, I pledge to position the GrantNetwork.org as Arizona's premier one-stop, online resource for nonprofits and grant makers to connect over mutual philanthropic goals and create a more sustainable future for Arizona's nonprofits.

    Julia Haleaka Young

  • By 2030, I will create a platform to educate and train individuals to achieve their health, fitness, and wellness goals.

    Jacqueline Jensen

  • By 2030, I will be a part of my local government. I will be a voice for those who care. I want to bring positive change to my area. I want to show the youth that they can count on our leaders to do the right thing. Mostly, I want to help bridge the gap between the different cultures in Phoenix.

    Christopher Rivera

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